Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Non-Chlorinated Water and Paper Lanterns

You must note, also, that if there is water that is not chlorinated, you will need to reduce the distance between the candles by half, effectively doubling the number of candles. Non-chlorinated water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes; water without chlorine is a mosquito magnet. Mosquitoes will be attracted to this water. You will need extra protection from this; so, use double the number of candles. This means you will use candles every two and a half to five feet, depending on the strength of the candles, with still a one foot overlap at the end of the radii. It may seem like an excess number of candles, but remember, water is where mosquitoes are born.

Paper Lanterns and Chlorinated Water

Make a border surrounding the area where you will be sitting or standing. When eating outdoors, this will be the area surrounding the table. When using a hot tub or pool, this is the area surrounding the hot tub or pool. Chlorinated water, however, is a natural mosquito deterrent, so the number of mosquito repelling lanterns can be reduced. It is recommended that one double the distance between the candles, thereby letting one use half the candles that would be used to defend against an area without chlorinated water. So, you will use a distance of ten to twenty feet, depending on the candles, with a one foot overlap at the end of the radii.

Forming a Border with Paper Lanterns

When paper lanterns are used to repel mosquitoes, there must be an adequate number of candles placed in the correct fashion in order to effectively reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area. Mosquito repelling candles usually deter mosquitoes in a radius of anywhere from five to ten feet; the range of the candles depends upon its size. If you are unsure the range of the candle, check with its manufacturer. You will need to keep a one foot overlap of the radii of the candles. The last foot of the radius has the weakest protection, so overlapping will “double” this protection, ensuring that there are no weak spots in your defense.

Mosquito-Repelling Candles in Paper Lanterns

Instead, you can use paper lanterns to repel mosquitoes. To use them to do this, all you need are mosquito repellant candles. You can buy these in many stores, and they are effective within a certain range or radius. These candles come in various shapes and sizes, so find one that fits your lantern and place it inside your flame-lit lantern. When used this way, they will protect one against mosquitoes. To avoid the risk of fire, one needs to place the mosquito repelling lanterns properly. Read a guide about flame-lit lantern safety before using them to ensure that you do not start a fire or burn anybody, including yourself.

Mosquitoes and Paper Lanterns

Many people will enjoy the use of paper lanterns throughout their lifetimes. Often, they will use them outdoors, such as in the backyard or on the deck during dinner time with the family. Unfortunately, the quality of these outdoor experiences can be detracted by mosquitoes, for those who live in humid areas. Usually, people use bug spray, but it can make one stink of chemicals; also, it often burns the skin and eyes. Bug spray also can detract from the enjoyment of food outdoors, since the smell can leave a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth. Luckily, there is another option.